There's no group quite like Dream Street...If their names are unfamiliar to you, they shouldn't be.  New musical experiences are always welcome.  And the Dream Street players and Bobbi Page have a seemingly endless supply of eminently listenable new material to offer. Don't miss Dream Street the next time they make a welcome appearance in your neighborhood.  [Read More]
Don Heckman - The International Review of Music

Dream Street is joyful and wistful, sultry and sad, cool and hot. Whatever flavor of dream they're weaving, their music is always emotional, evocative, enchanting--it draws you in, tells a story, and holds you in its spell.
Michael Goldenberg - Screenwriter Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, Peter Pan and Contact

Stan Ayeroff and the talented musicians of Dream Street treat us to a sophisticated sound that would draw an audience deeper into a filmmaker's tale.
Jeff Bridges - Actor (Iron Man, Seabiscuit, The Big Lebowski)

The "Dream Street" CD is a beautiful recording of earthy and thoughtful acoustic songs.
Dan Wallin - Legendary Film and TV Recording Engineer (Up, Ratatouille, Star Trek, Lost, Alias, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 81st Academy Awards)

"Dream Street" is definitely a CD to keep in your car. You need it when you feel stressed out. Bobbi Page's vocals, Stan Ayeroff's intelligent songs and acoustic guitar and Sid Page's violin will lift you up and place you gently on a cloud.
Tracy Newman - Singer/songwriter of CD "A Place in the Sun" co-creator of ABC/TV's "According to Jim", writer for "Cheers" and Emmy Award winner for "Ellen".
Snapdaddys Review - All About

Great stuff last night! Tunes, arrangement, mood and feeling! Thanks for inviting us!!
Martin Perlich, Program Director, KCSN-FM - Arts & Roots Radio